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Microscope-Enhanced Endodontics (Root Canal Specialist)


Anthony D. John D.D.S., M.S.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple: to provide you with the most compassionate, quality-oriented endodontic treatment available anywhere.


Practice profile

We are committed to providing you excellent dental care via two-dimensional and three-dimensional digital radiography and contemporary microscope-enhanced endodontics.

Patient Testimonials

Dr John and his staff provided top notch treatment.  It is by far the most pleasant trip I have ever had to any dentist.  Dr. John''s office is absolutely amazing as well.  He provided music to help take my mind off of the procedure.  Dr. John explained everything he was doing prior to the procedure, and it helped put my mind at ease.  I just wish all dentists cared as much about their patients as Dr. John and his staff does.  The pain afterwards was very minimal, and due to the nature of the procedure, I thought I would have been in a lot more pain.  I am extremely satisfied with everything that was done during and after the procedure!  Thank you for everything Dr. John!


This was quite literally the best dentist experience I have ever had, despite the procedure that was being done. I felt very cared for and like my comfort level was the #1 priority, unlike many dentists where I have felt like I'm just an object to them. Thank you so much for making the experience as painless and enjoyable as possible!


Thank you for your highly professional, caring endodontics services on behalf of you and your very pleasant staff. Very well done! Please be proud of what you have accomplished.

I very much appreciated your bedside manner. I trust you for diagnosis and treatment.

Your concern for my well-being was very evident--and a patient can't ask for more than that.

It was a pleasure. And Merry Christmas--Happy Holidays


Thank you Dr. John for proving that all the horror stories of the dentist are wrong. Thank you for making the visit not only painless, but comfortable and enjoyable as well. Thank you also for that wonderful family atmosphere that you provide and every other kindness I was shown. This was definitely the best dental experience I have ever had, I will more than willingly send the people I care about in your direction.

Thank you for everything.


Thank you Dr. John & Staff for meeting and exceeding my expectations of you and your work.  I do not believe many doctors would have had the ability to understand my anxiety and deal with it in such a positive manner.  You and your staff were gracious and caring.  I know I am not the easiest person to relax and I appreciate you working with me to achieve a balance that would benefit both of us.  I know this is not the end to my appointments with you so I am relieved to know all will be fine and there is no need for me to worry unnecessarily as I am in very capable hands.  That means the world to me!

Mary Beth

I have, unfortunately, had several root canals and most have not been a “fun” experience.  I recently needed another root canal and Dr. John of Pinnacle Endodontics was highly recommended.  I must say that my experience with Dr. John and his excellent staff was the best root canal experience I have ever had.  Hard to believe that as painful as my tooth was before Dr. John started to work on it there was absolutely no pain during the procedure, and I still haven’t had any pain in that tooth over a week later.

I absolutely would highly recommend Dr. John’s gentle and caring treatment, and I am so pleased that his office is in Scripps Ranch.


I was hesitant about having this procedure done since I have had a root canal previously by another Dr years ago.  This was one of most pleasant dental experiences I have ever had.  

Dr. John and his staff were very concerned about my comfort level at all times.  He took his time explaining each step during and after the procedure as well. 

I will absolutely refer my friends and family to Dr. John.  Thank you for making an unpleasant experience very positive!


I have to say it was the best experience I ever had, for a root canal, and no pain through out the entire experience, that takes skills, and Dr. John is a consumate professional at his craft. Dr. John, thanks a million, and I will continue to brag to others about you and your skills to include your great kind staff.


 This type of procedure is usually thought about rarely as it is usually a terrifying experience that we try to avoid at all coasts, but Dr. John and his faithful team at Pinnacle Endodontics came through with shining colors. They say that they try to make you fell as comfortable as possible, that they want you to feel like a king, and that's just what they do. I would recommend them to any and everyone, even the Queen of England! They make the experience more enjoyable then it normally is!! A++


 I cannot say enough good things about Dr. John and his staff. I was terrified before the procedure but after completing both visits, I am no longer afraid and would see Dr. John again for any dental issues. Thanks for such a great experience!